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Race Evaluation

DVOA-Stuckey Pond: Red


1. Crossed dam below pond, then on trail for about 150m, angled up to hilltop before trail then straight across, looking for reentrant w/ cliff. Came down right next to it.
2. Going was thick, so dropped way down to trail to the left, around to the road, along to the apparent trail across dambelow Whitaker's pond. Too thick for me. Ended up skirting marsh to the west to the end, then up through yellow, pace counting.
3. Crossed yellow ridge line and stone wall, angled down to fence on wall, across small marsh and up to spur, right to saddle.
4. On ridge to the right, to reentrant with control. Stopped short to look around when I saw a lower cliff, but then pressed on to find it.
5. On reentrant to marsh, then climbed ridge to the right and took trail. When trail headed down hill, went right up to clearing along cliff top. Followed cliffs to saddle and then right to lower knoll. Saw Peter leaving.
6. Got a little too far left and climbed too much, but otherwise no problem
7. N across spur and across stream to trail. Went left a bit, and saw Nadim hustling in the opposite direction on Blue. then up to the EW trail to clearing, and N to the ridge line with the clearing, dropping to the trail in the reentrant. Came out right across stream from the hill with the control. A little confused that I didn't see any rock features there, but kept pressing on until I saw the rock.
8. To the clearing fast, then started down the trail before I figured out that wasn't necessary. Having a little trouble telling which way the cliff was supposed to face, but that wasn't important, as the bag was very evident.
9. Through clearing to trail to road, along road to bend, in on unmapped trail segment and on compass. Misread spur and thought it stopped before hill with control, so I got too far right, but only cost a few seconds.
10. On spur to the left, ended up left of water stop, but ran up road to it to have a good starting point. Up reentrant to the marsh.
11. Up reentrant for a while, then cut over green spur too soon - way too green. Dropped down on opposite side and saw cliff 50 m E of right cliff, continued on and boulder above cliff was obvious.
F. +02:15This was the only leg I wasn't careful on. Just started running on rough compass, and didn't realize I had to climb a hill. Ergo, I ran past sprint control and out to the road. Went in again, but wandered in mix of green and yellow and out to road again! Pretty frustrating.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:15

Split Analysis

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