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Race Evaluation

DVOA-Team Fundraiser: sprint 2


1. No need to look at the map. I could see Clem punch, and so I had the line.
2. Opened the map and got a bug in my throat. Had to stop to cough him out. Ran for the wall, then along wall to tree.
3. Tough slog uphill. Seemed to take forever. Passed boulder right on line, then hit ruined wall left of control.
4. +01:15Over the top, then contoured a bit. Plan was to run to the marsh where yesterday's control had been, but lost patience. I had a phantom marsh sighting, and headed up onto a green spur. Slogged in the green for about 100 m. Rick DeWitt was also in the green, but much lower, and had made up the :30 on me.
5. Following Rick and looking for the clearing and the higher ground
6. A little tentative at first, but then I could see the bag from about halfway and motored in, catching up to Rick.
7. Straight, trying to keep up.
8. Through the marsh to the trail. Rick was a bit left, and left the trail almost immediately, so I was ahead of him again.
9. Saw Rick crashing through the green back toward 8. Straight
10. Along the top. Can't miss. Saw Kseniya leaving as I arrived.
11. Down the spur, trying to catch up to Kseniya, and looking left for the small reentrant. Caught her just before the control.
12. A little slow making sure of bearing, but tree was not far, and was pretty obvious.
F. A little right, but basically ok. Not quite as steep as direct route.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:15

Split Analysis

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