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Race Evaluation

DVOA-Team Fundraiser: Sprint 1


1. +00:15saw that overrunning #1 could be a gotcha, so started out slowly - misread description as wall bend, didn't see a bend on map so slowly jogged trail until I saw bag
2. trail then up past reentrant
3. +00:15on line skirting green, momentary hestitation on S side of circle, standing next to cliff but did not immediately see flag in shadow
4. straight
5. straight
6. straight
7. straight
8. left below rocks
9. straight
10. below hill about halfway, then up and along top
11. straight
12. +00:30got too close to green, had to pick a little, the went a bit left and up rather than around end
13. straight
14. +00:30ignored trail and went straight, but crossing last ridge thought i saw a bag down to left and corrected accordingly - wrong, nothing there, corrected quickly
F. cross stream to trail

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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