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Race Evaluation

DVOA-Team Fundraiser: Sprint 1


1. Along trail to the bend, then looked left and saw if further uphill than expected.
2. Saw Joe near the control, running back toward #1.
3. On compass, but wandered up the hill a bit to the right, as it looked bigger on the map than on the ground.
4. Slow on the uphill, there was a bit of an elephant track on the ground.
5. Joe went by like a shot.
6. Up the hill, Joe getting away.
7. Last sight of Joe.
8. slightly around to left for better footing
9. Saw the trail headed right, and ran for the lone tree. David Onkst was closing on me.
10. David passed me, and went a little lower. I climbed early and followed him along the top.
11. David drifted right. I thought I was a little left, but was right on course and punched before him.
12. David was ahead and drifting right. When I saw the big hill on my left 2/3 of the way I knew where I was and headed down to the saddle in the spur.
13. Contoured above large fallen log and along the marsh until it opened up. Climbed one line on the spur and contoured until I could see it. Lyn Walker was near the control when I got there, and David arrived at the same time.
14. Lyn and David appeared to go right to contour around. I went pretty straight and picked up the trail, followed it all the way to the boulder, where I saw David again.
F. I left first and heard David step in the marsh behind me near the trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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