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Race Evaluation

DVOA French Creek East: Blue


1. +00:05Straigh tish, but a little wobby/hesitant, as the scale was so much different from yesterdays Sprint
2. +00:30Straight a bit, hit some trail that wasn't mapped?, then hit the mapped big trail, crossed it on bearing (because I wasn't trusting trails), figured out it was the mapped one and veered back toward it, then ran N/S trail to almost W of bag then in (took a long time to get in, due to rocks and scale....)
3. +00:15SE to trail, up ditch to flat trail, along flat trail to reentrant below bag and over shot that slightly, then climbed
4. +02:00Due S, hit two platforms, the rock flows, but didn't know quite where I was exiting the rock flows. Too a bearing in and got slow/wandering - finally picked up depresseion N of bag, then went S and saw it... In retrospect, I think running hard SSE to the trail and then attacking from the bend would have been much better.
5. +02:00Thought I was going straight but hit E/W part of smallish trail. Didn't believe it (I wasn't pace counting so I didn't have a good sense of distance), so I bailed NE to big trail and hit it near southern pond. Didn't see northern pond though so I was still confused while running down the trail, until the form lines of the reentrant fork NW of the bag became obvious, then in from there.
6. +01:20N. Major coughing attack. (Drank too much water? Inhaled a bug? Not sure...), then to small trail to vague end, then diagonal traverse recognizing the big reentrant at the index contour and platform, then compass/pace in from there, but missed L somehow (on some smaller unmapped ditch) before turning back and finding the mapped one.
7. +00:10Straight, but ended up R of line on hilltop, veered back to platform/rock line, then c/p to boulder (there were two), then c/p to bag
8. N exit to get around rock. Still hit some nasty rock. Up reentrant, then up bearing/spur to rock flow and around it on the left.
9. Up trail to big trail. Then c/p to platform/platform/platform-with-bag... Safe route, and not too rocky too.
10. +00:20Up, recognized a few things right of line, hit steep part near stony area so turned and bearing in from there. Nailed it, but totally confused because I'd written 540 on the card... (not 550...)
11. +01:30Exitted really slowly, double checking tons of things just in case I'd found the wrong platform. Things mostly worked out, but doing that while going downhill and hesitating a lot was poor.
12. Zoom along trail, up and in.
13. +01:00Planning to veer right of the line to avoid the rocks at the end, but ended up going due N for about 200m... What? In from there was fine. Should've gone straight until just past yellow, then done the swerve right...
14. Stayed high then weaved through rocks crossing trail and seeing road to force a turn back left at ~ right distance from road until I hit the platform.
15. +00:10Out to field, along field edge, and in, hesitating a bit on the way in (didn't notice it was on the trail...)

Total Time Lost - 00:09:20

Split Analysis

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