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Race Evaluation

DVOA French Creek East: Blue


1. Navigated clean to the middle of control circle but thought I was looking for a boulder. What would a building be doing out here?
2. Disoriented leaving 1 because I passed a building in a clearing neither of which I saw on the map. Drifted to far left.
3. Across boulders on line to X junction, diagonal up to trail, down trail to reentrant and up.
4. Straight on line. Bearing from Trail corner boulder field. Then ??? Weird area.
5. A bit left
6. I showed a leg just like this to Greg this morning and he blew me off when I said it was hard. Well, it wasn't hard for me this time, I wonder about him? Hmm?
7. Spiked the platform, couldn't find control. Oh, it's on a U
8. Due north to skirt most of boulders, up reentrant, past a boulder and in.
9. I'll be smart and go around on the trail. Past junction a little and cut in. THen real sloppy with compass and just told myself that I'll run down the hill parallel to boulders. Hit two platforms and then eventually almost the powerline before figureing out what was what.
10. Up to trail, past some sort of pool with water on s side of trail (maybe rentrant) then just opened up the engines.
11. East then through gap in rocks down and in.
13. Almost on line whole way, but realized I had given up some climb and was faced with rocks. Corrected NE before contouring in.
14. Encountered Dasha as she was leaving 14. 5 minutes seems like an appropriate penalty given the speed I was moving.
15. Ditto
F. Probably would have managed 60 secs here.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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