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Race Evaluation

CSU Stonehurst: Advanced


1. Baffled for a moment when I left the paved road and entered the woods. I saw a big trail on the ground, but didn't see it on the map. Briefly tried to convince myself that the vegetation boundary was a trail, then decided that there must be no trails on the map. Maybe I should have remembered that there were no trails when I ran here before, either. There was a big boulder in front of me, so I reorgaized my brain and headed for the knoll.
2. Caught up to Hillary.
3. With Hillary, got a few steps low on the spur.
4. Pulling away from Hillary, but we caught Samantha just before the control, and she spiraled into it.
5. Took off real fast, hoping to get away from the fearsome Saegerls. Ran on trails, following compass, and looked for stone wall. Popped over ridge in what I hoped would be the right spot, but I was a smidgen too far south.
6. Almost headed for cliff, but I saw Michael Commons standing on the hilltop next to the control.
7. Passed Ann Harrer. Trail west, then trail north, and cut off toward the hills. Came into a saddle, but it had no control. I figured I was probably still too far south anyway, so I went one blob north and got it.
8. Backtracked. Saw Samantha coming at me.
9. Went a smidge too far south, and got a few steps past the cliff downhill.
10. Samantha approaching as I left. Blasted as fast as I could, ignoring trails. Came to the stone wall wit the cliff next to it, and was able to handrail my way in.
F. Whew! Felt good!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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