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Race Evaluation

CSU Stonehurst: Advanced


2. Bad route choice
Not thinking clearly
Intended to follow the stone wall but should have just gone straight until I hit the clearing. I was being too cautious since there were no trails on the map.
4. Saw Marek punch the control but was headed straight for it anyway
5. Bad compass work
Got onto a trail which I followed until the ridge with the stone wall on it, then went straight over the hilltop, but was a bit too far south of the control.
7. Bad distance judgement
Not thinking clearly
Got onto another trail and cut off when I saw #8. Realized I had cut off too early and went straight to 7, where I looked for the control too high in the reentrant.
9. +00:15A bit too far S.
10. Bad route choice
Took a chance
At this point I figured I could "figure out" the trails. Definitely not the case. I ended up going way around to the start/finish, but not even straight there. The one saving grace was that I could run faster once I knew which huge trail I was on.
F. Ran straight back the way I came.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:15

Split Analysis

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