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Race Evaluation

BAOC Sprint Champs, Point Pinole: Chase


1. Route is here and on RouteGadget. I started third, not expecting to catch up; with Mattias Eriksson and Syd Reader on my back. I could see Dan S-H and Eric go to Control 1, then Control 2, from my location at the starting line, so did this on autopilot.
2. Bad map reading
Followed others
Here's where the autopilot broke: I had seen Eric go out to the fringe of the woods, perhaps to get more confidence in his route to #2. So, out of #1, I blindly sprinted to the edge of the forest and continued in the general NW direction without looking at the map much. As I got to the Prologue's #4, I realized that was not my control and continued on, slightly confused... until I saw Mattias and Syd barreling full steam parallel to me, well off to the left. I realized then where Control 2 was, and hauled my behind towards it as they were punching.
3. I raced out of #3 without a certain plan in the general direction of Syd. Almost caught up with him as he was off to the right at #3 (note: I think Syd drew his route a bit too far to the right on RouteGadget.) I happened to hit the control more straight.
4. Followed Syd, gradually finding the rest of the course on the map.
5. Blindly followed Syd out of #4. Then, raced to the butterfly control.
6. Navigated this one by myself, almost losing sight of Syd on the uphill. Remembered the rootstocks from the earlier races.
7. Syd was slightly confused going up the hill, so I stopped and aimed off to the right just in case he was off. He wasn't.
8. Syd pulled away again. So, I navigated to the butterfly control, where I found Mattias who had the other loop configuration. The pack was back together.
9. Confused parallel features
Followed others
The two of us raced towards Syd. As we got near the control, I knew exactly where we were; but Syd and Mattias chose to explore the ditch to the west. Mattias found the control first. Time lost, but not position.
10. Nailed this one, almost catching up with Syd and Mattias.
11. Followed Mattias, who went very straight. I, however, knew exactly where we went. Syd was pulling away but opted for a higher, more roundabout route, and overshot. Again, all three of us were there within seconds.
12. Syd sprinted this one, and opened up a 5-second gap on Mattias. I punched right after Mattias, having followed him with just a touch of confidence
13. Here's where it all was decided... my legs were just too heavy after Saturday's meanderings. Syd flew along, Mattias sped up as well, both going pretty straight down the hillside. I opted for the road, and tried to push it on the road but could not. The gap to Syd increased to 20 seconds.
F. Jogged up the hill, with the race lost...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:35

Split Analysis

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