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Race Evaluation

OCIN Flying Pig XV & US ULtralong Champs: Saturday UL Red


1. +01:45Overshot the first control - should have been looking for the trail on the right, but I was taking advantage of the road by reading ahead on the map instead
2. Took the trail to the right.
3. +00:45Too much zig-zag getting out to the ride.
4. Straight
5. +02:00N to the road, thought the trail bent around to the control, but I guess that's a fence; I followed an indistinct trail that would up being about 50m left of the flag, had some trouble relocating
6. +01:30Angled left to the road, tried to cut in at intersection, but too thick, so I continued right until I could. Lots of cars around and there seemed to be a photo shoot set up, with lights and a backdrop and everything. Took the trail that went mostly west to the field and cut across the loop and attacked from the intersection. Missed to the right a bit, but the creek provided easy correction.
7. Straight
8. Went left to the road to cross at the bridge, then left at the fork on the line. Took a right at the end of the former deer containment fence and kept a decent bearing after losing the trail.
9. Thru the circle and down to the parking lot, angled across to the left for the old road. From there it was all trails to the flag
10. Mostly S to the road, stayed on the road past the last reentrant before cutting down.
11. Mostly straight (just wiggling to avoid climb), some slow going, but opened a gap on the cadet that went right.
12. Again slowed by having trouble crossing reentrants, but clean.
13. Went right to avoid "Archery Area" and stayed on the road to the intersection level with the control and did a nice bearing from there.
14. +03:00Thought I cut in almost exactly 100m past the intersection and thought I had a reasonable bearing from there, but turned out to be way right and searched some small ditches, before getting to the green and bailing towards the road, when I ran into the real ditches that led to the flag.
15. +01:00N to old road, then stayed on the road until I thought I was past the medium green. Found a small pond that I thought was the mapped pond, but realized it was too small, then noticed some more distinct mounds that had to hold the saddle - a couple cadets that had been behind me got to the flag first.
16. Went way left to take advantage of the bridge. After the end of the guardrail, did the tough climb to the top.
17. +04:30Sadly, I did not have a clue what was mapped to the SW of the control. I thought it was showing beach, and that the control would be near water level. So, I started onto the "beach" which was really rocky ground and realized the wall to my right was getting steeper and the "beach" was getting narrower and I was almost to an impassable cliff. I found a spot where I was able to climb (although not without some trepidation), then it took some time for me to see the big spur at the top.
18. Trail to the left until I could see the reentrant and turned right.
19. Road to the ride to the first trail along the reentrant, when it crossed over, I went mostly over the spur and attacked from the next trail/reentrant junction.
20. +04:00On the line to the first trail, out to the ride, then in the next trail. Got distracted trying to figure out when to leave the trail and ended up within sight of C22. From there it was just tough climbing and moving thru reentrants (too much walking)
21. Straight, but mostly walking.
22. +02:00Don't remember what I did wrong here (trying to go straight)
23. +01:45Got to the ride in the right spot, but then realized I was missing to the left, so I veered farther left to miss the marked OB area and came out just left of the parking lot.
F. Knew there was no way to beat Luke today, but I gave a solid effort in the last 100m.

Total Time Lost - 00:22:15

Split Analysis

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