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Race Evaluation

OCIN Flying Pig XV & US ULtralong Champs: Saturday Red


1. Read map too late
I took the powerline and overran the gully a bit.
5. Somewhere after hitting the camp road I realized I had been breathing 2/1 from the start, so forced 2/2. I don't think I lost time on this leg.
6. Read map too late
Somewhere after crossing the road to the lodge I was being overrun with anxiety, but assessed the situation and deemed it fine. I almost got trapped in a half-canyon with earthbanks to my left, but recovered quickly.
7. Did not follow plan
After Control 6, but before hitting the main powerline, I seriously considered quitting and taking the powerline home. But upon seeing a car parked at the junction of the powerline and the loop road, decided to continue; ran trails to the car, thinking they'd have a greater chance of quickly locating my lifeless body there. The trail detour probably cost me 20 sec.
10. Going through the canyon, the anxiety got fairly unbearable. Fortunately there were no heartbeat/rhythm issues, nor chest pain, to go with it. I was surprised at how easy the uphill efforts felt against the background of the malaise.
11. Shortly after Control 10, I allowed myself back into 2/1. I took unmapped paths that I had surveyed on the way to #6.
F. The run-in again was an easy jog.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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