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Race Evaluation


Tom O

1. +00:30Fiddled with my watch out of the start - didn't have it set right. Along road at edge of parking lot then bearing up the hill. Got sucked in to the left by what looked like another rocky reentrant and then corrected.
3. +00:45Stayed in the woods parallel to the road. Was practically right on top of the platform and couldn't see the flag because of all the blackberries. Lost some time circling for the control.
4. +00:30Decided to bail to the road on this one and then cut in just after the curve. Very close to the control but again couldn't see it because of the blackberries - spent some time searching.
5. +00:45Across the field and along the fence line to the fence corner then up the indistinct trail. Cut over a little low and had to correct.
6. Found the mapped trail just before the creek then crossed the creek looking for the indistinct trail leading towards the control - never was able to find it.
8. +00:45Considered taking the road almost all the way around on this one but decided on a hybrid option - took the road until just across the creek then cut in on the trail parallel to the creek. Up the reentrant to the spur and then climbing to the left but ended up high and had to correct.
10. +01:30Left the pit control poorly and corrected, then got sucked into all the briars and skunk cabbage trying to follow the trickle to the control. Was standing right next the flag but couldn't see it tucked in behind a fallen tree.
12. A little right to the minor trail then climbing to the control.
13. Up and along fence line, around the fence corners until clear of the rock then angling downhill.
F. +00:10Vegetation mapping around the Go control was a bit confusing.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:55

Split Analysis

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