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Race Evaluation



1. +01:00Up road, then up rocky tip. Stopped about two contours short (should've had a bearing, but didn't), and cut right to hig rocks W of control, then cut back
2. +00:15Bounce off fence (on purpose), then drop, looking for reentrant and cliff - hit trail instead and then cut in. Hesitant on way down
3. Contour/drop out to road, then in from bend.
4. +00:10Contour/drop out to road, then in from bend. Didn't see either manmade object but I did hit the charcoal platform, and then cut in. Was standing 5m from bag/depression before I saw it. (Hesitation at end
5. +00:25Slow exit (5s), across saddle, diagonal down hill, contour in toward 5 - saw spur SW of bag as catching feature, slowed a bit (not sure if I was high or low), then kept going toward edge and saw bag above.
6. +01:00Down spur, across water (looked for dry spot & didn't find - 15s). Ind. trail up, missed turned, but noticed green so cut up through not-so-rocky area. Re-tied both shoes (wet) on spur right before control (45).
7. +00:05S, around rocks to right, then diagonal in along bottom.
8. Diagonal out to road, over stream, trail to near fence, to fence corner, up to saddle straight in.
9. +00:15NE/E to dirt road, along road, then in N to pit - lower than my bearing but close to bottom as map showed.
10. +01:10Down marsh, got left and stuck in a bunch of green before cutting far enough back to the bag
11. Up, pushed right by veg.
12. N out to road. Straight on road, gap, clearing to dirt road/paved road/trail junc., then up trail (green blaze) beyond end of mapped trail until I saw bag on right. (Looking at watch and knowing I needed to beat 54, or was it 52?, I was pushing...)
13. To fence and around. Darn rocky even along edge where there's often a trail... Once I got around fence I noticed the rocks tapering off and then diagonaled down, hit long hill/road, ran along, read boulder on left and then dove right nailing bag.
14. Straight, cueing off building.
F. Straight. Happy to beat 52... Despite a bit of sloppiness. it felt hot out there, but there was plenty of water on course, some of which went on my head...

Total Time Lost - 00:04:20

Split Analysis

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