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Race Evaluation

QOC Rosaryville: Green


1. No attack point
Bad route choice
Underrated difficulty
Confused parallel features
This one looked easy but when I got to what I thought would be good attack point there were a couple of open areas that looked the same so had to check map carefully. Then dived into the woods from the open area and went to wrong side of the rootstock. Back around to control.
2. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Not thinking clearly
Lots of indecisiveness on how to get to 2. Was going to take a trail so started to back track to get to it. The turned around and ran thru open but that was up hill. Realize I should have followed the ditch to the control but it looked like there were a lot of briars. I climbed up and attacked off a barn and found control. Had hard time finding the ePunch because it was tied to branch and thrown in a pit about 10 feet away from the kite.
3. Hesitated
Probably lost some time on this looking for decent place to cross the ditch. Then up the hill, down over stream and left to the re-entrant.
4. Headed straight up hill towards the maze of paths with goal of hitting the east-west path that leads to the powerlines. Light green area was very runnable. Across the power line right of way then trails to the attack point of trail bend. Up the shallow re-entrant to control.
5. Straight west and over a little hill to control by a big tree.
6. Bad map reading
Followed contours of hill from 5 then up towards green area. Back and forth a little then in between green to shallow pit for control.
7. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Thru fight green to path. Should have just headed west but it looked thick that way, too. Off the path cut over to road, then ran too far before going in woods. Had to back track to control.
8. No attack point
Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Nice run downhill but not in best direction. Should have followed stream but came out too far west. Ran east up road, around lake, then started working up the hill looking for control. Seemed like there was not a good attack point for this control. Got to plateau, backtrack looking just over the side and found it.
9. One advantage of going too far on 8 is I found the indistinct trail. Ran back to that and headed north. After curve to the right headed down the re-entrant right to control.
10. Hesitated
North to trail and hesitated because there are at least 3 trail junctions in the area. Then saw building off to east. It's the only build on the map so ran that way then left into woods down across wet area which was not too wet. Up hill then left to control near building.
11. This was the best leg I ran. Down hill to trail, left on trail to bend then straight north toward control, then across another path at bend, then along a ditch. I'm thinking "Hey, I'm using catching features!". Across ditch then left around green seeing the tree stand which must have control under it.
12. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Trouble here. Got a little confused by a number of trails in the area and unable to relocate. Just ran around the long way and up shallow re-entrant to the control.
13. Bad route choice
Across open area and then to trail. Ran a bit too far around the hill before going up to find a trail going to top of hill and the control
F. Tired
Open fields to the finish. Was tired so lost some time.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:30

Split Analysis

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