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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


3. slow fall, bad landing on the rocks, hit right side of my face, fortunately no serious damage, and not much bleeding, so I went on, just was more careful moving downhill
6. incredible stupidity begins 35 min into the race, see next 11 controls
7. +08:00lost contact with the map due to very little map reading done by me on a run, paid for it with distance, extra climb, and time
8. +00:30straight, was 50m to the left and high
9. +01:00misred parallel cituatiuon at control, past it in 30m and did not see it
10. +00:30stopped early just 50m short looked around rocks, saw people taking it below
11. +02:45did not pay enough attention to the map, stopped 50 m short of the control and went way low, checked a parallel set of cliffs, a lot of energy lost on a climb back and big pack of people was gone
12. +02:00did not unerstand map due to little reading, had no good plan, lost a minute on a bad rout and a minute on attack
13. +00:20went by 14 second time today
14. +00:40missed it to the left
15. skiped
16. +00:30around big hill down to trail and to my spur, realized I was 1 reentrant short, recovered quickly - my brain is waking up now
17. +00:30up to the trail, light cramps, on a trail, starting to cut up, saw Adam climbing too high almost did the same, but had enough sence, to recover fast, and picked up speed now
18. fast down into reentrant and up to the spur, saw contol way ahead
19. straight, clean
20. cought up John F. cheered him up to put up a liitle fight, so he did.
21. behind John
F. home, tired, bit up

Total Time Lost - 00:16:45

Split Analysis

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