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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. Started down trail to R but big mass of people that way so went back and joined fewer going L on zig-zag route to powerline. Crossed to small trail just S of dark green with pack including Jim H, Susie. Went kind of straight following various packs. Waited for the single punch.
2. Headed out following pack but not sure of route until 3/4 thru as had compass on route from 7 to 8 and wondered why none of features matched. Figured it out at small trail and fortunately located and went into control, again waiting for punch.
3. Followed pack along trail way R, then L to bend in little trail. Followed Pav thru various shades of green to control.
4. Thru green into big reentrant with lots of people heading up it. Got on L side wall slabbing along. Realized would have to go up anyway so straight up for a bit on all fours till it flattened out. Then along and straight in.
5. Took small trail up. Had gone straight across this S face on my first BG with Lyn in '98 and wanted to avoid it. So up to about the boulder cluster symbol, across to bend in big trail, contoured across to big reentrant to see bunch of people cross in front climbing to ridge. Knew I was high and they were going higher. Kept heading over and down reentrant and in.
6. Contoured across, hit top of reentrant, then tip of trail and down to bag.
7. Almost ran over Sergei leaving. Down reentrant to R to trail trying to hit small trail going S around small pond. Too careful and should have just gone as was a long way. But followed trails till it bent R, crossed stream as caught by Mikkel (?), hit another trail and followed to big pond. Intended to go around to L but discovered we were between ponds, found beaver dam and crossed. Took trail around hill to R but kept going bit too far to stream, corrected following walls to trail, trail to N-S wall, walls to middle of cliff line and up along switchback trail. Met with frenzy of people going in all directions in unmapped green. Pushed thru to small trail, took bearing of trail bend and in to hit large trail with Tim G. Went along a bit and located, came back to trail bend, another bearing and in. Met Mark D leaving, then Tim who said it was behind him and down to bag!! Had been looking for spur feature. Beginning of loss of focus. Took cup of water and had gu.
8. Cross bridge N of marsh, road across marsh, then up to top of hill to attack from reentrant. Well, more reentrant sooner than mapped and come down close to N-S wall. Relocate and head to bag as Saana approaches.
9. Plan was to go R high along hill tops and in. Got over first and ran into Peggy wandering along unmapped trail and lost position. Followed trail around going right direction as Peggy went S. Hit a big reentrant that didn't match and thought I was too far N. Headed back S, ran into Ken and a train. He claimed we were way S and kept going. After pondering I went back to plan A along tops of hills, hitting cliffs, more cliffs and then the reentrant, spur to bag as Ken came in from E.
10. Wanted to hit big reentrant heading to marsh by control reentrant. Ken and team went bit more L of little hill. So straight down reentrant, around marsh, up slot till got thick, climbed R side and along to end. Wound up on spur to S, looked over to see Ken punch. Headed over to spur as Dave Webber punched.
11. Followed train from control but map did not work. Was sure I was going thru a saddle but none on map. Hit trail and went off corner, around hill to reentrant to bag as Ken, Tracey, Susie, Rich and others punched.
12. Colassal brain dead here. Just to add 10 lines I headed down to bottom of big reentrant up to marshy area (wasn't) to face an enormous wal in all directions in anything resembling the one I wanted. Didn't try to focus on map, and it wasn't making sense anyway. So chose going R to end of reentrant and started climbing up, and up, and up to top. Did I say UP. Hit trail and came down by little pond, then trail at junction to see Rob Tryson. Trail down, cut across triangle by 14 to trail, then up, up and for good measure UP but map very understated for steepness. Got almost to knoll line as Ken and his train go by to further R. I figure need to go L and pop down ridgeline to bag.
13. Go back down way I went up, to junction and around little hill to food. Should have devoured more but only 1 gatorade, 1 water and 1 fig n.
14. Off toward trail see Rick leaving, realize going too R. Head towards control with Paul Bennett.
15. Was going to be skip! Trail around hill to R, through reentrant, over top of cliffs, thru some green to marshy trail. Head L on trail heading for small trail to 16. See Scott T walking R from my trail and figure he's on the one I want so cut corner. Hit trail and seems right. Follow trail until compass doesn't line up at all. Ugh! Look up to see water tower 50m ahead. Guess I might not skip 15. Head towards 15, see Scott and Paul at bottom of reentrant searching. Thinking thy're too low, I start to climb a bit but hear them call out and head down to bag.
16. Climb out to N-S trail, trail R across stream following Scott who goes in here. I go over next spur and in. Get to reentrant but nothing. Scott thinks we're too high and heads down hitting trail, so up spur and then over to bag as Paul comes in along with Susie, Rich others.
17. Skip. Didn't want to climb now.
18. N to trail. Along to sharp bend to L, cut across spur, climb straight up to bag.
19. Follow herd path down to trail, across to stream and climb. Try to be careful as had trouble here on first BG. Of course drifted R and hit hill to N. Nothing lined up and wandered in slash for a bit until seeing power line. Head S up to hill as Paul and Scott come towards bag. Punch at 3:30.33. Can realx as no more push to make time.
20. Down to trail, cut corner to about bridge and up, up up to bag.
21. On bearing to trail junction, more bearing saw rock though contours looked strange, then saw big rock pile and bag.
F. Over to clearing (rope course) and finish to see shirts being handed out and bodies lying around.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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