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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. Stay on trails up to the power line, drop down, seems almost as fast as people trashing through woods.
2. Skipped because laziness. Well running on the trails was good. Thought I might catch the fastest group.
3. Peter skipped #2 too, and is with me at #3. This was a skip by impulse or convenience, not by thinking too much. Maybe it enhances the character of game playing to do it like that. Take chances.
4. Cut through green to reentrant. Will catches up (obviously not skipping #2)
5. +00:45Get a little bit high into #5, Will hesitates, have time to catch up.
6. John F. sails by, followed by an avalanche of blue runners.
7. +01:30Go more or less straight, use trail where there is one. The group drifts west after the pond. Stop short, don't see trail under circle, think I have overrun. The blue guys disappear on the horizon. I guess that is punishment for reading the map myself.
8. +01:30Go around hill and along. Joe B. blazes by, high on the hill. Catch wall/swamp, climb back up, control seems awefully high. Peter catches up.
9. Find some bike trails, still crappy afterwards.
10. +01:00Hit trail somewhat too much north, guess this is why Joe B. went more south. Relocate on jeep trail. Peter G. doesn't agree, I go straight, he goes back down. I am all on my own again.
11. Much greener and crappier, still ok to control.
12. +06:00Lost brain. Parallel error, between reentrant with three boulders and the one NW. Realize mistake, still not sure. Go up on hill top, hard climb. Relocate, run down. See P.G., Alan and others on way to 13.
13. +02:00Hit #14, go back down to #13, out on trail and in. Definitely my brain is not functional. Don't blame the weather.
14. +00:30Nice leg, good route choice, excellent execution of plan, all most perfect, only a minute too slow.
15. +02:30Run trail, go over saddle, down in flat area. Lose lense, catch it, drop it into the mud twice and put it in. It works. Wow. Slosh to big swamp, see water tower, feel safe like an orange runner. Big thing, good thing. See hikers on trail beyond #15, turn back to cliffs.
16. Straight up, don't see trail going off, cross to boulder and control.
17. Climb up hill, see Alar and Stephen struggling on hill. They don't run much. So I do, get to control ok. Glad there was some climb, so we could drop down right away to the next control.
18. +00:45The spur seems awefully long, but the control is there, accompanied by some good Swiss curse. Nobody hears it.
19. Great, some more climb. Exactly what I was missing. The bag comes towards me. Hallucinating?
20. Through lesser green to road intersection and up reentrant. Nobody behind me. So walking is ok.
21. +00:30Brilliant attack point from finish area. Into yellow area, control should be visible from there. No?? Feel like an idiot, but nobody sees me and I don't see the control. Go in and finally see the boulders and the bags. My control. Well, no my day of running. Still hibernating in my mind.
F. +00:30Slosh to finish. Was not my day. The best thing was to mess up so much. There is almost some freedom in not having a controlled run.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:30

Split Analysis

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