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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. My plan was to baby my sore left knee by walking the whole route. Would run if the t-shirt was in jeopardy. The time to 1 includes 0:42 waiting for the single punch.
2. Right around the pond to get away from the crowd. A little behind Steve Tarry and Jeff Saeger.
4. Left of the line to avoid the green. Met the other hill sloggers as we drew near to the control.
5. Steve Dentino and I climbed up to follow the trail for a while, which didn't give us much if any advantage over Tony Federer who went straight.
6. I was behind a pack that included Terry Keegan. They began searching for the control too soon. I continued and beat them to punch.
7. On the way down from 6, Michael Hughes expressed doubt about finishing within the time limit. After an hour we had completed only 6 controls out of 20, and had a big leg ahead of us. My own confidence was firm. When I was perhaps 20m from the control, Jeff Saeger called its exact location to my attention. At the time I was disappointed to lose the chance to find it for myself. But now seeing what a problem it was for him, I'm grateful. About a dozen others flocked to the control after me.
8. On trails to the left of the line. Not advantageous.
9. skip
10. Steven Richardson skipped 9 along with me. He got ahead of me on the trail and I took a more direct route over the hill.
12. +02:00Lost track of where I was and didn't know which way to go when I reached the small trail. The pack led by Peggy Dickison got away from me.
13. Includes 2:56 eating and drinking, much needed after 2 1/2 hours. At last I realized that the t-shirt was in jeopardy, with just 1 hour to go. Although I had begun to cramp, it was time for my backup plan: go ahead and run.
15. Finally can get some benefit from running after slogging up left of the line.
16. +04:00George Walker and I hit the reentrant too low and guessed wrong regarding which way to explore.
17. Wished I had saved my skip for this. In retrospect, I seem to have done pretty well skipping 9.
19. +02:00When I saw the hill ahead, it became clear that there would be no t-shirt for me. Walking up the hill parallel to Paul Bennett, we noted the passing of the 3:30 limit just before we punched. Gunfire could be heard. I went too high on the hill to the right of the line.
20. Speed no longer matters. Went around on the trail.
21. Saw streamers as I approached the control and followed them north, expecting the streamered handrail that is sometimes useful when approaching the final control from an odd direction. Noticing that the streamers went too far without leading to a control, I looked up and found the control along with a disappointed Steven Richardson.
F. My t-shirt disappointment was entirely my own doing. The challenging course was a pleasure to navigate.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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