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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. started from the back as I was pulling up my pants when the whistle blew. since the trail was packed, i decided to take my own route to the left. probably should have gone more down the middle.
2. left of the pond and up the hill thinking about where to skip since everyone else is leading me to the control
3. +00:30still looking for a skip, but the woods require more attention. thick in places and I seem to find the worst. slight twist of the ankle for the second time
4. straight towards the control, decide to skip 15 while walking up the nice clean reentrant
5. climb up and keep climbing when the terrain allows. easy to read the stony ground when you are walking.
6. nice pace downhill, but holding back for now
7. +00:45straight route almost on the line. read the control as being on a spur as did many others. the circle makes it difficult to get a good look at whats going on. hit the small trail, but did not see it on the map and thought I had gone past the control. so i turned around and headed off in the wrong direction, not long before I realized my mistake and recovered and found it. saw kenny walker here. was surprised which caused my mistake on the next one.
8. +03:00ran nice route to swamp, but went way around the hill instead of going right over it. hit the first stone wall and thought it was the second one. went up the hill too high and then back down to the second wall. then again climbed above the control and hit the stony ground and dropped down.
9. +00:39hit a new trail, but ignored it as it was perpendicular to the way I was going. then as I crossed the trail i blew out my ankle pretty bad. walked for 20 m and decided it would be ok, but I tightened my laces anyway. thinking about my ankle too much and not reading. followed compass, but i was already far left of the line. hit the trail and attacked from the intersection on the west. saw pg and others
10. easy down the hill and crossed the water. saw some people off to the left and knew they were on the wrong hill when I hit the trail. crossed a few spurs and nailed th control. quiet here, nobody in sight.
11. weird area of the map. reentrant I was going up seemed much deeper than mapped. no problem though, easy attack point and cliff was obvious.
12. +00:35more or less skirted the green and hit the huge reentrant and saw kenny's heals and JF. small mistake in heading towards JF's line. ended up on the wrong hill n/e of control.
13. easy down to trail, down reentrant to control
14. +01:00left in the wrong direction. should have dog-legged it
15. skipped
16. wrapped around the hill and crossed the trail just below the intersection. followed trail to the spur and attacked from the west side around the green.
17. up reentrant to trail. fell on my face and lady asks me if I am really swiss. I say no, just borrowing the suit. and head off into the woods to spike the control like the suits former owner would have.
18. slight hesitation as the reentrant looks funny compared to the map.
19. straight on
20. left then right and past the building where sergei is waiting.
21. +00:22brain dead by now.
F. hear the crowd roar. it's over. tough race, but I don't mind. ankle will be ok, but hurts after stopping.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:51

Split Analysis

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