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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
So despite having no splits due to carrying the wrong watch, let me pay homage to the Billygoat and actually put in some comments. What splits I have will be deduced from other people's splits, so no splits after I dropped everyone! Start to 1 I took it easy, looking over the skip possibilities. Nothing stood out. Considered skipping 1 - but it was already too late. Considered 5 - not really enough saved. Didn't look at the contours closely enough and thought 15 was better than it was. I think 9 was best, actually, on reflection. Began to navigate after the powerline clearing junction, along the ridge into the control. Spiked it; John F close behind.
2. Bad route choice
Led a pack south of the lake; north would have been better. A little confused heading up the re-entrant into 2, but Kenny had confidence and pushed on up the hill. I punched first.
3. Straight. Spiked it. Jon Torrance and Adam Rudner (I think) closest behind.
4. +00:15Jon and I pulled away up the reentrant on the straight route to 4. Mapping in the saddle was off, and I wanted to keep going and look beyond the control, but Jon convinced me otherwise.
5. No attack point
Bad route choice
Confused by the mapping of rock features on the preceding spur, stopped short and went to check higher up. Jon was correct and got away; his non-return made me go check out where he had gone. There it was.
6. Caught him up again down the re-entrant. Easy leg.
7. Bad map reading
East of the lake down the little trails with Jon; then straight. Came in the same way as Peter past the big cliffs, and navigated to the knoll north of the control. However, I was reading up as down and down as up, so was thoroughly confused. Probably stood there for 2 minutes. The pack led by Kenny and Boris caught up but headed west down the reentrant the control was in. I realized quickest where we were and headed back uphill. Punched with Vadim, Randy and Wyatt, who may have been surprised to see me...
8. Went straighter than those last three; control seemed a long way in so it can't have been that straight. Punched in front of Jon, nobody else in sight
9. Bad compass work
Right along the ridge line. Somehow managed to miscount knolls and stopped one short. Gave up when the Randy group came through and motored on ahead of them to the control.
10. Fast down the hill, up the first reentrant, over the spur and into the control. Spiked. Lost the pack running down the hill and it seems they all screwed up the control.
11. +01:30Dropped a long way too low and nothing matched up for a panicky minute. Then I realized I needed to climb, and pinpointed myself heading up just above the green knoll SE of the control. From there it was easy; relieved to see nobody.
12. Wider right than Peter, up the stream and straight up the steep hill. Then straight from there (same as Peter from the little trail junction).
13. Read map too late
Went via 14 through not reading the map. Unnecessary double visit to the green. Passed Jon going in to 12.
14. Back the way I'd come.
15. Skip.
16. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Around to the right of the big hill, as if heading to 15, then bending left and gradually dropping straight. I knew which re-entrant I was in but wasn't sure enough of the height. Rather than risk a big time loss when I couldn't see the control, decided to drop to the trail below. Surprise - it was a lot closer than I thought. Back up the hill.
17. Pushed it up the hill and straight; didn't use the trail.
18. Fun leg; veered a little east to avoid dropping too much and then re-climbing. Down the spur; control visible a long way off.
19. +00:30Up the line of re-entrants. Didn't quite read the control circle terrain right and went to check something 50m to the east. Saw the flag from there.
20. Straight. Uphill was hard work but I kept running (just), particularly since Sergei had a camera.
21. Right. Only the big trail made sense... but spiked it anyway.
F. Back out through the clearing. Not exactly sprinting...

Total Time Lost - 00:11:30

Split Analysis

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