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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. Hanging onto the back of a crowd, seeing different folks. Followed Jeff up to the power line, where I realized where I was, just S of the marsh, across on the trail and navigated in on my own.
2. Behind Pavi, followed the trail L of the pond and on for a while, thinking about skipping 2, but wanted to save it.
3. +02:00With a group including Pavi and J-J. J-J and I got too high before correcting
4. Up the left sidehill, somehow I got to the front of the group.
5. +08:00Off in front of my group, climbing pretty much on the straight line. After a while I caught up to Tim Parsons and John Goodwin. Followed them up way too high, and hit the trail, corrected and down the trail, was with a big pack.
6. Cut across to the trail and down, with a pack.
7. +25:00Heading south, not keeping in great contact. Following Rick DeWitt a bunch, saw Ken Walker Sr, as well. Left the major EW trail at the two small stonewalls and got in front of the group. Reading everything fine going in, but I thought I was looking for a spur, not a reentrant. Kept going back and forth. Rick and I were still there from the original group, and we picked up Charlie Leonard from one of the following groups. Really frustrating. Ran around in there with Jeff Saeger for a while. After about 10 minutes or so I considered skipping. Would have been wise. Finally Charlie L led me into it.
8. +03:00All alone again, I got way off to the S and hit the linear marsh, corrected and went in ok, picking up Steve Dentino at the control, as well as Charlie L again.
9. Mostly followed Steve along the R side of the big hills, saw George W on his way out.
10. Straight across. Saw Jeff Saeger coming back out.
11. +04:00Stayed low and to the R of the line until I caught the trail. Somehow got down near the stream and had to slog back up, behind Steve D and others
12. N up the reentrant and up the hlls ide to the trail, then cut the corner tothe big EW trail, to the corner S of control and in, pretty much alone
13. +00:30Back to the NE-SW trail and in from the trail junction. Had a little trouble finding it.
14. Drank a lot of gatorade. 42 seconds drinking. Slightly R of line, saw Ken W coming out.
15. Skip, although probably not as good as it had looked
16. +01:00NW across trail, looking for trail up the hill, finally caught up with it near first bend. Followed trail to top of spur just S of control, with Charlie L and a girl in black. I got too low on the R of green patch and had to hike back up.
17. Slow and cramping a lot. Falling behind Charlie and the girl in black, but right in.
18. Feeling spunkier going down hill, and seeing more folks, including Kseniya at the control.
19. Out to the trail then L to the junction to make sure I was on line. Saw Rick D up ahead. I knew this area from BG last time, so picked up a little ground
20. On trail and around to the left. I could run the trail, sort of, and wasn't sure about how well, I'd do in the woods. Cut the sharp corner before the power line, then straight in. I was getting discouraged climbing the reentrant before I got there.
21. +02:00A little left of line, looking for non-existent open areas. Milled around looking for help. Saw Mark Dominie heading into finish, but still couldn't find control.
F. Since I was over time, walked in behind Charlie L

Total Time Lost - 00:45:30

Split Analysis

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