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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: U.S. Short Course Championship: Blue


1. +00:35Left straight, then dropped too deep intro reentrant and missed low before returning
2. +00:05Dropped a little too far left of line, but it seemed okay, and shooting in along the bottom and tripping over the fence worked okay..
3. Up spur, eyes open, some elephant track
4. Got a little R of line, but aim off hilltop was easy.
5. +00:20Waffling between around left or way around right. Chose left upon exit, but road was so nice I waffled back right (after jumping two or three major ditches). Seems like right was best.
6. +00:10Drifted a little left, and hit a bunch of little reentrants. Should've aimed a little right, to come down from the top
7. +00:05Intentionally aimed left of green, but the green wasn't bad.
8. +00:15Followed elephant track instead of compass through powerline and ended up left - could see long spur so cut over
9. +00:10NE, then N up and along ridgeline - quite hestitant through dark green which turned out to be crossable... or maybe I was in the medium green. Should've gone harder, keeping track of compass.
10. A little right of line, drank a bit at first water (yes, I drink a lot :). Diagonaled down a little late and had to double-check & go straight up (well-mapped) big ditch to bag.
11. Pushed NE by vegetation that was a little worse than I thought the map showed. Fought to stay upright and contour high before crossing to bag.
12. ESE to cross, then climbed way too much. Not sure why. I guess sidehilling was really slippery and so I went up and over to avoid that. Not worth it.
13. Around right near (but didn't see until late) fence. Up right side of reentrant, climbing after a bit.
14. A little reentrant following then dead on line.
15. +00:10SW, Trail, followed clearing then creek through green. Went too high at end and came back down.
16. Kind of NW, then W, then up creek. Was considering around through finish, but creek was fairly runnable (and I recalled the chute was not...)
F. As the last starter, I have to say y'all did a great job softening up the chute. Probably 5000 ponds, 3 inches deep about the size of a shoe were in that chute...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:50

Split Analysis

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