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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: U.S. Short Course Championship: Blue


1. 12:09 start. Trail to the bend, then straight but coming out a bit S. Passed a cadet at the control.
2. +01:10Started straight but had trouble keeping my line going up the slippery parts (and all parts were slippery). Ended up well NE of control and had to relocate.
3. +01:20Not sure what went wrong here. Must not have waited for compass to settle because I went charging off SSW into the green and onto the wrong spur. About the time I should have found the control I realized I was running the wrong way.
4. +00:30Surprised that Boris has not passed me yet. I seem incapable of running a straight line and come out to ditches N of control. Boris does pass me now.
5. Trail around, then up the stream. I am to slow to keep Boris in sight.
7. +01:00Thinking I would like a good split on this short leg, I run really hard. Unfortuately I am looking at #8 and do not realize the mistake until after crossing the powerline.
8. Straight but now I am afraid to run hard and make more stupid mistakes.
9. Down the stream a bit and up the middle large reentrant, crossing it about 1/2 way. Straight thru the lighter green which is not bad. Had considered the trail around.
10. Down the middle of the stream then N to the trail. Took water at the first stop, dropped the cup at the 2nd and left the road at the left side of the reentrant. Should have just gone straight from the 2nd water stop.
12. Straight to catch the indistinct trail, then contoured around. A women on Red followed me in.
13. +00:30Straight with some contouring to the N to avoid the worst climb. Hesitant on the final approach when I do not see the bag at first.
14. +01:00Read the description for 15 so am down near the stream and doing some slippery side hill running instead of up the spur as I should have. When I reach the ditch without seeing the bag, check the clues and up the rootstock.
15. Consider the trail and clearings and probably should have started that way. Went straight using the the E-W ditch E of the control to guide me in.
16. W along the edge of the green, then follow the stream until the trail
F. This was a quagmire when I was going to the start and no better now. Want a competive split so run hard.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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