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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: U.S. Short Course Championship: Blue


1. +00:15Took me awhile to find the start triangle. Started down the trail and cut corner by stream. left trail bend across the spur. Went to far right and had to climb back up hill to the control
2. +06:00Wanted to approach the control from the left so ran accordingly. Unfortunately I totally screwed up reading the map. I was reading up as down so when I cross the 2nd trail I run contour running and didn't look at the compass. Ended up running to the edge of the map (and probably a litle off). Things didn't match up because I was all screwed up. I finally decided to head back the way I came until I could see something familiar. Reallized where I was and headed back. Finally saw the control up the hill. I ran to it only to find out it was control number 3. Well, at least now I definetly knew where I was. Ran to control 2
3. back up the hill to where I had just bin.
4. straight
5. +01:00Took the trails around. Ran the trail by the stream. Cut up a reentrant early but then stupidly crossed the next one also only to have to cross back to get to the control.
6. straight
7. straight
8. Up the powerline and got across whereever I could.
9. headed due north, skirted the two reentrants and then cut north again to avoid the fight area.
10. North, down the reentrant and up the ditch on the other side. Over to the trail. Stopped and had water at the trail junction. Ran down the trail to avoid the green. Over to the stream. Down the stream which had some down trees making is slow.
11. straight
12. A little left to avoid the climb. I thought the area was greener than mapped.
13. Drifted to far right and ended up by the fence. Followed fence along to stream junction and wne up stream to the ditch.
14. Up the spur.
15. +00:15To the road. took the left trail to the thin clearing by the lake. Cut across to the other trail and around to avoide thr worst of the green. Was a little left and had to cut back.
16. Not a good route choice. Wandered through the green to the trail. I didn't go straight to the trail which made the green that much worse.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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