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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Red


1. P D Chose the middle route across the bridge at the end of the parking lot but in hindsight to the right on the trails might have been good too
2. P D easy hit the trail and along the swamp and to the hill top
3. D P needed to have a precise compass out of two and I didn't so I ended up way left, thought I had corrected (and I may have), got a bit further and wasn't exactly sure of where I was and so I took ages to figure it out (pretty sure I was perfectly fine), continued on and got off on my compass again, thought I had relocated when I definitely hadn't, ran in the direction I would have needed to if my relocation was correct, recognized after way too long what I had done and headed back and hit the control pretty well
4. D P My original plan was to contour around the hill but as I got farther up the hill I decided to just go over and down the reentrant for a safe approach because I didn't want to mess up after the last control
5. P D R Pretty solid leg, carefully reading and checking my compass because I was still worried after 3
6. D P R Just took a rough bearing and headed for the water but I didn't have a good picture of going into the control so I was a little slow getting around the last bit of swamp
7. P D R Felt pretty good about this leg. I had a solid plan that was safe but reasonably fast
8. P I was careful for this leg because I recognized that I could mess it up easily despite the length. I didn't have a clear picture of what the circle was going to look like and what feature the control was on so I was slow on the approach
9. P D R I didn't have my plan right when I left the control but I made myself slow down on my way to the first marsh and to make a plan. I feel like the route was reasonable with a lot of contour reading and connecting marshes.
10. D P I messed up pretty badly in the yellow areas the day before so I was careful to know exactly where I was going to before leaving nine.
11. P I just got to the road as quickly as I could, and getting off the road I was a little off so I ended up too far right in the flat area but I was reasonably quick to recognize what I had done because the area I was in was not flat, and after that I got to the right place quickly. If I had thought more about where I was getting off the road I probably could have saved myself a bit of time.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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