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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. usual lemming stuff, well enough behind to turn R w/o much time loss
2. still a follower but 1/15 & mediocre map makes for pause/uncertainty
4. st, could see enough
5. path & over knoll, Jeff S just ahead
6. st, got up on spur & turned R to wall - able to see
7. st again, with Dave Yee - getting vague but could see fm a dist
8. st to path, L, & up reent
9. Dave & a runner in blue w/ foreign name on outfit - some nice open stuff first part
10. to right & Dave was there just before me - he went L i think
11. st, Phil leading, Dave ahead & they took me there
12. to R & Phil just ahead
13. to road & up & up, just behind Phil
14. Phil & Dave simultaneously
15. around to L & over top with Dave
16. st, just behind Phil
17. could see Alex & Phil a bit ahead
18. did latter portion with Dave - Phil ahead tho he went down into open area
19. st, led Dave
20. hard L, up reent, small discuss w/ Dave, nailed it in green, Phil says "You caught me" that's when I saw the control - just out of 20, gorgeous woods!!
21. around to L
22. been there b4!
23. to road & up, was just ahead of Phil but he had more energy
24. +02:00missed this - with Bob & Phil, both too far to L - rf hidden in green, should have got it first time
25. tough climb, Dave just ahead
26. got ahead of Dave, there at same time as Phil
27. Phil maybe 10m ahead
F. no fight!:-) need a renovation.....

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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