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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Pretty funny to see the mass or 20 or so people in front of me all suddenly swing uphill and to the right when they realized that they had just missed the control.
4. Up to the trail, behind John Hansman, he left it kind of too early, and a bunch of people were milling around once we got past the green, but Alar and I realized very quickly that we needed to go further.
5. Tim Parson was pulling away on the trail, but he left it early to to left of the marsh, while I ran past the marsh and gained a bunch back on him.
6. I was off to the left, and hit the ridge one saddle too low. Saw Tim, Ernst, and somebody else leaving, and that's about the last I saw of them.
7. I was a bit too far right, Alar caught up and spotted it first.
8. With Alar, caught up to Jeff Schapiro.
9. With Alar, Jeff, and Ben Parson.
10. Alar, Ben, and I think some other people went left, I climbed a couple of lines and went right, and I think Jeff went straight over the top. I was a bit too far right when I crossed the road, fortunately Jeff was coming toward me pointing the other direction.
11. Passed Alex Jospe, and was with Jim Arsenault on this leg. Saw Dave Donaldson (I think) for the first time, and saw him off and on until #23.
12. Trail to the right. Alar and company were coming out of the control as I got there (they had gotten ahead at #10), and they disappeared ahead of me, for good, I assumed.
13. Straight.
15. Around to the left, too much climb this way. Lost a few seconds onece I got close, looking too far to the west.
16. Left the control going too much NE, took the trail for a bit.
17. Straight (right of the pond).
20. I know better than to just charge into an area like this witrh my fingers crossed, but I did it anyway. I was pretty bewildered in the green, but I hit what may have been the rough-semi-open, and took a shot from there (kinda figuring I was bailing to a trail) and lucked into it.
21. Up to the trail junction, diagonally down through the nice woods to the six-way junction, 300 m of trail running, then contoured to the boulders and climbed up. SGB was coming out as I approached, heading in what seemed like a weird direction (but fast!).
22. Straight down the hill, got there just behind Dave and SGB.
23. They went north to the trail, I intended to go to it diagonally, but wound up going 2/3 of the way just through the woods. They didn't get too far ahead, and I handled the approach better, such that we all got there at about the same time.
24. They contoured to the trail, I went straight down the hill, getting ahead of Dave for good and winding up just behind SGB who was standing in the parking lot studying his map. He pulled away from me very quickly on the trail run, but I left at the clearing to take the tiny trail while he kept going. Never saw him again until he finished well behind me.
25. Straight, very surprised to see Alar, Ben, and Steve Olafsen coming in from my right. I had already done the climb, so I got to the control first. Didn't think I had much of a chance of holding off any of them.
26. Fun little spot.
27. Fell twice leaving the control, once because my shoelace got caught on a branch, and once tripping over the silt fence. Took the road to the shallow depression and cut in from there, encountering a little bit of thorny stuff. Steve cut in sooner and got it worse.
F. I could hear Steve behind me, but he wasn't gaining fast enough to catch me, and Alar and Ben were a ways back.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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