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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Breakheart Reservation: Red


1. +00:20Was confused about the location of the marsh and the out of bounds terrain behind it.
2. +01:00Tried to stay on the line, but still was not used to the map. Try to find control on the first hill, then noticed mistake
3. I finally got the hang of it: was able to correctly identify marshes and green areas. Slow moving while avoiding green areas.
4. +02:00Arriving at the end of the spur, I did not see a control, went back over the spur and back to the end, then looking around the corner, there it was. Daah !
5. Back in the swing of things, finally I could expend some energy running fast. Left around pond. An unmapped trail led right into the control. Sweet.
6. +00:20Went too far left around trying to avoid the hilltop, but ended up dropping lower in the reentrant.
7. +00:30Back towards the tip of the road curve, then attacked over the hill. Saw the control, but was sure it was not ours. The boulder is shown much closer to the marsh, so I looked for a boulder down in the flats, but finally gave up and decided to check the code of the control I saw, and it was ours!
8. This was sweet running to the left of the cliffs. Hesitation near the circle until I finally decided to drop down the hill to the control
9. Slolwy climbed, sidehilling, ended up over the top of the hill past foot path, then corrected and went left around the reentrant. Too much zigagging here.
10. +00:30Had an unfortunate route: first to the road, but then stayed outside of its railing, which ended me in briar and rocks, then more green trough the woods until I finally hit the shelter, then spiked it from there on.
11. Left to the parking lot and along the road. then cut towards the stream by the footpath junction. Got caught in rough terrain, should have stayed on the trail
12. Running leg: to end of pond, then right around on trail.
13. Some hesitation: straight line or out the road? Ended up doing a bit of both, but did end up on the road. cut into the woods a bit too early, lots of briars here.
14. +03:00Had so much fun running on the road, so that forgot I was orienteering. Mistook the second big right curve as the first one, and ended up running 300m beyond my planned attackpoint SE of control, where major trail enters road. OOps! Sprinted back 200m then had to approach through rough very steep terrain. Memories of beginner orienteering....
15. Repeat left around pond. Approached shore line trail earlier which was much slower with extra climb. Hesitation when approaching circle.
16. +00:30Tried to be careful, but drifted a bit to left (never saw the marsh after crossing the road), then corrected and ended up stepping down through a cliff near the control. I looked around, then turned left, saw the stone wall, then turned right again. There it was, just could not see it the first time around
17. Cruising along the marsh as best as possible, then had to switch over to the left to the adjaced renentrant/saddle.
F. Saw Ed going left around marsh, I decided to go straight until I saw an opening that looked dry, which I took to get to the road. Well I did get wet feet the first time on this course... Sprint to the finish....

Total Time Lost - 00:08:10

Split Analysis

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