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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Breakheart Reservation: Red


1. Straight.
2. Straight, trusting I would recognize pond. Was successful even though it was dry.
3. On line to large trail, then along trail around large marsh, then between marshes to attack from back side of hill S of flag. This may have been a bit longer, but I think it was an excellent route choice given appearance of green on straight approach.
4. Contoured finding excellent game path, then crossed trail just E of bend in wall.
5. Along line to 15 to pick up trail N of lake. Was a little hesitant identifying cliffs W of flag, but eventual ran up somewhat less distinct than expected reentrant NW of flag.
6. +00:20Straight but drifted a bit right. Decided correctly that I was heading to spur SSE of control and corrected with only modest damage.
7. +01:30Only real mistake. Thought I had drifted L, then overcorrected. Confused by large cliff facing E visible to my R. I couldn't convince myself it was the cliff 100 m SE of flag as I felt I had already climbed more. Started to bail out to the road, but then recognized trail heading NE 3/4 of the way to control.
8. Just L of line, noting large curved cliff at 1/2 way point.
9. +00:20Contoured around, then through saddle crossed by trail. Was a bit confused after crossing tickle, because I couldn't immediately see any boulders, but climbed up enough to see boulder/cliff pair.
10. +00:30Took really poor angle to road hitting S of intersection to W of flag. Minor confusion approaching building leading to a somewhat circuitous approach from SE
11. +00:40L of line to ride, then paved trail. Cut across top of spur, but then drifted too far R descending to stream and had to climb back up, undeniably helped by appearance of Giovanni.
12. W to paved trail, then S hitting uncrossable marsh a little beyond intended crossing at tip of lake. Afterwards on trails to W to run along second stream draining second arm of lake. Giovanni pulled away on trail, but I made up some time attacking from tip of lake rather than further S. Dan Westerberg arrived at flag with me from more eastern approach.
13. Contoured roughly around to L of line.
14. W to road. Giovanni visible ahead and it sounded like Dan was making up some ground on me from behind. Into woods trusting I would recognize spur with flag facing me, but in fact drifted somewhat L. Noted large boulders in front of me and looked over shoulder to find flag (along with Giovanni). Passed Dan on way out of control.
15. Same route to trail around lake, surprisingly making up time on Giovanni who seemed to take more circuitous route to the L. Giovanni turned L at tip of pond and I went E from intersection spotting cliff on way to flag.
16. Slightly L of line recognizing the curved cliff just L of line immediately prior to reaching stream.
17. +00:20Tried to go straight but drifted a bit L. Fortunately recognized I was standing on top of large cliff NNE of flag. Ran S to large boulder which I mistakenly thought was control feature before reading map and turning to L, once again finding Giovanni who was coming back to control from the S.
F. S through green, trying unsuccessfully to keep close to Giovanni. But at least the line to the trail was good, and I even had a modest amount of energy for the final sprint.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:40

Split Analysis

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