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Race Evaluation

Hickory Run: Red Long


1. +05:00virtually nailed control but thought I was at clearing 70m sw (didn't see clearing in circle); clockwise loop back to same spot and saw it
2. hesitant
3. trail around
4. +11:00how do I make an 11 minute error on an 'orange' control? not sure, easy from western trail
6. trail around
8. +01:40got 70m beyond control before going back, probably 15m from bag first time by
12. +26:30took high route grazing green patches to top of narrow reentrant; went into white woods beyond and searched around hills there; thought I might be high when I saw that the top of the reentrant was two contours up from where I thought but couldn't get through green heading nw; worked my way around clockwise to white stripe 100m directly west of bag; no problem from there
13. in no hurry from 12 on
14. +32:30down to trail past green then east, trail flat woods and dove into a trail through the green curving around to the right leaving me about 80m ene of the little pond 320m wnw of bag and confirmed it 25 min later; no problem from there
F. worst run in years on terrain that, except for the rocks, should have been advantageous; probably not paying attention generally on reflection

Total Time Lost - 01:16:40

Split Analysis

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