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Race Evaluation

Hickory Run: Red Long


1. Halfway there on the trail, cut in at the right spot, overshot the control by 10 meters or so and saw it when I turned around.
2. A bit left/low, spotted boulders to lead me in, and saw Ross at the control.
3. Pretty much straight, though I had intended to be a bit right of the line. Saw the big clearing to the right of the control, but the smaller ones in front of the control were confusing, and I stopped a bit short, then went to the big clearing to make sure I knew where I was. This apparently took more time than it seemed.
6. Right of the line, through the clearing near #3, picked up the trail, cut down into the reentrant when I saw clearings below, and straight up from there.
8. Too far right, checked out a control on a dot knoll first -- wrong code, but I knew exactly where I had to be.
10. Trails the whole way.
11. Crossed the stream early, took the faint diagonal trail up until it got too thick, got up on top of bench, took trail for just a bit and cut up into the woods early when I saw a rock-free spot (but there were more rocks ahead, so that didn't help much).
12. There was a back of about a half-dozen people, and they all left the trail at the first slight bend to take the faint trail. I went further and headed for the patchy green to use that as an intermediate attack. That guided me to the narrow passage through the rhododendron, and I was able to thread the needle and get to the control cleanly.
14. Down to the trail would have been smart, but I didn't think hard enough about the leg and decided to go straight. My plan was to take the faint trail, but I went to the wrong corner of the white area (following Stanislav) and wound up in deep dark green. Fought my way out to the white, then managed to use the tiny white areas in the green as stepping stones to get out to the big white area. Running out of steam, decided to eat a Gu (kind of late for that), and was mostly walking uphill through the rocks. Found the control cleanly, but the route wasn't the best.
15. Sticking to the white patches to the right of the line, no problem.
17. Straight.
F. Pushing pretty hard, but this still shows up as time lost. Sheesh!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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