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Race Evaluation

DVOA Sprints: Moe (3)


1. Started a bit slow, not sure why, although I didn't rest as much btwn 2 & 3
3. Right, reading ahead on autopilot. Hit green/fence corner and still no bad. Glance a map, pushed into green, saw bag & cliff, then had to back all the way around.
4. Crawled through green...
5. Around left
7. This was also surprisingly slow compared to KW. Maybe I was starting to slow down on the mild uphill?
8. Over stairs then straight, up, left.
9. Back out the same way.
10. Pushed this a bit, getting closer to the leaders (excl. super Chuck)
11. On line a bit, then saw gap to right of building.
12. Had read ahead and knew I had to pick left or right (because straight over the to impassible cliffs was forbidden by the rules). Picked left. Given the pavement on the right, I'm guessing it might have been faster, even with the slightly slower exit from the courtyard.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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