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Race Evaluation

Hickory Run: Red Middle


1. Along the trail for a good long way, headed into the woods at a different spot than I intended, flailed around randomly, but in the right direction, until I stumbled into the control. This set the tone for the rest of the day.
3. Too far right, actually found #4 first, but even with that solid attack point, I still went some dumb places first.
4. You'd think I'd be able to find this trivially at this point...
5. Too low, not sure where I was crossing the trail, kinda figured I might be low, and once I spotted the ponds I was okay.
6. Distracted by a control in a reentrant halfway there.
7. A very good leg to be very careful, but I wasn't. Too far right, went though the (green) marshes between the trails, and when I reached the second trail, I was by a little marsh, which I hoped was the one with the trail on the far side. That would have been nice. But I was at the next one to the west, which I hadn't seen on the map. When I didn't find a trail, I should have backed out, but instead I bashed through the laurel and finally came out in some white, but didn't know what white. I guess I had a vague idea that I was probably too far west, because I did head in the right direction and stumbled into the control just as PG and Ethan caught up (10 and 8 minutes, I believe).
8. The three of us took different routes, I was the furthest to the right, not that that was really what I had planned. Saw the other two coming downhill out of the control when I got near the stream.
9. Lucked into a good route out via the open marsh and got ahead of PG (for good). Saw Ethan up ahead at the control.
10. Too far right -- again. Saw the ponds and waved hello to control #5 on the way by, then straight in from there, caught up with Ethan who had been too far left.
11. Couldn't read the details on the map, so just followed Ethan.
13. Too far right, followed the edge of the steep slope up.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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