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Race Evaluation

OOC Graham Creek: Long Advanced


1. This was a new map for us all I think. I like urban courses.
3. I went through the housing rather than use Greenbank.
4. north of first building
5. south of buildings because of uncrossable fence
7. south on street until path into park
8. street running past Xed out N/S street and then back from path which apparently lost me time
9. I took my time along 417 barrier hoping to stumble upon a mystery cache, time lost.
10. I followed trails behind tennis court but there was alot of windfall across trail.
11. I went around forest and came in from west.
12. Ran through field
13. twists and turns through hospital buildings
14. mowed path was wet
15. I took east and north side of tennis courts.
16. Coming from N I had to step carefully through green.
17. A long run east of hospital buildings
18. Baseline all the way to path and bridge over creek and then N up avenue.
19. long street-O but my overall pace improved right to the finish
20. Interestingly, destroyed fence is mapped like a gate
21. N around tennis court
22. same run as leg 7

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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