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Race Evaluation

US Team Fundraiser: Green


1. +00:30Couldn't see the course lines. Trying to read I blew through the intersection on the trail; got straight on the trail, but saw Spike heading up hill and went up too soon. Found it ok, though.
2. +00:30ESE to the road, then around to the intermittent stream and up from there. A more direct route would have been faster
3. Not sure why this took so long. Pretty straight.
4. +03:00Got confused by my new compass and ended up heading down the wrong spur, and headed N. At least I figured it out. Then when I got to the reentrant, the control was low instead of high, and I almost went by!
5. Through the saddle just R of line, then across the spur and down.
6. Down the reentrant, across the trail and up the reentrant opposite. Up and down to stream; along the stream a ways, then angled up. Kind of slow.
7. Straight. Randy Hall had the same leg, and was a bit behind me.
8. Could see the reentrant from the top of the hill opposite. Scary downhill.
9. +01:00Through the saddle, but didn't see the manmade object. Up and over by the ruined cabins, then got on the next trail too far SE and had extra climb and distance. Otherwise easy
10. All the way around on trail to the right. Steep climb at the end, but plenty of people coming down hill to show the way.
11. Boris passed me on this leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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