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Race Evaluation

Fall Foliage Festival: Green-X Sunday


1. Short bit on the trail, then cut left through the first opening I saw. Angle across the reentrant, to the trail, cross stone wall, keep the second stone wall on my left, drop right down to it.
2. Stay just above the marsh, cross the stream at the first chance. Angle up the hill, over the trail, more up, then everything matched up on top
3. Went around to the right - stone wall, then cut left through the flatter area. Everything matched up as I came in - rock features, knolls, reentrants all in the right spots.
4. Down the reentrant just left of the line, kept trying to head right onto the spur but blowdowns kept getting in the way. Flattened out - headed right to the knoll, got on the W side of it, past the dot knoll, vague area, then in.
5. Rough compass, reading the terrain pretty well.
6. Through the marsh in the dryer area close to the line, then pretty much kept going straight. Everything kept matching up nicely. Back up plan, which I didn't have to use, was to quickly bail out right to the stone wall - but nailed this one dead on.
7. Everythign kept on matching up nicely. Glad to have stone walls as interim checkpoints.
8. went right, small trail, along the stone wall to the right of the pond. Up the ridge onto the trail, across the beaver dam, kept on the trail almost to the 2 contour knoll then headed due W. Careful pace and checking off features as I went. Saw the flag to my right front through a break in the pines.
9. +00:45Wandered a bit right of the line, hit the trail then up and over the knoll. Dropped off too soon, and at the wrong angle. Saw a reentrant with mtn laurel - figured I was 75 m SW of where I needed to be. Not sure how I got there, but headed up a contour or two, over the dot knoll and saw it.
10. Down the hill, found the bridge, Eddie Bergeron came blazing by and pulled away all the way across the field.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:45

Split Analysis

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