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Race Evaluation

Annual Desert O-fest: Blue Night


1. +03:00Should have gone straight but was intimidated by first time on a desert map. (In the dark.) Attacked from the road twice.
4. +00:30Overshot a bit to the right and had to backtrack.
5. +03:00Forgot to drink - went back to get some water. A bit confused when I got to the hills.
7. +07:00Ate my cliff bar while walking and lost my sense of distance from the control. First went too far to the right. Then must have barely missed on the left and overshot. Relocated quickly. On my way back I thought I saw the control but it turned out to be the reflections in the eyes of a coyote.
9. +04:00Misread contours and thought the path would be in a valley, not on a ridge. Was lost for a while, but managed to relocate reliably after a few minutes just looking at the map.
10. Inefficient route - up and down again instead of contouring. May have been a good idea on complicated contours though.
F. Not a bad split for 70m :)

Total Time Lost - 00:17:30

Split Analysis

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