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Race Evaluation

Fall Foliage Festival: Green_qualX


1. I pre-ran the course. The caffeine in my coffee must have been defective, because I never was thinking clearly. I ran off the trail at the right place, but paused too long in front of the first rock I hit.
2. This was just plain lucky. I *thought* I was cutting over to the trail on the left, but I must have hit the one to the right. Eventually things *looked* ok, and in fact they were.
3. Amazingly enough I was very confident on this leg.
4. I messed up with the scale on the map, hesitating by a rock on my line with a control on it and getting confused, bailing to the trail on the left. Eventually I noticed the steep hillside. D'oh. BTW, I had no issue with the SI unit, but evidently some people did.
5. Da-dee-dah-dah. Blasting down the trail and didn't notice that it curved. Ended up wandering on the eastern part of the map, very confused. Eventually relocated via the big boulder near the start triangle.
F. Left the go control the wrong direction for a few steps. Well, at least I saw the go control on the map and punched it before I finished ;-)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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