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Race Evaluation

Fall Foliage Festival: Green_qualX


1. Umm, where's the start triangle? And where was the start line? There's a lot of green on this map. Don't do anything too stupid... Some random thoughts that went through my mind in the first 30 seconds. Found the right trail from the start triangle - took the left fork, although I almost missed the trail because of the leaves on it. Punched just after Glen T who was coming in from the right, had started a minute ahead of me.
2. Briefly contemplated heading left (east) down to the trail, but ended up thrashing on the stright line after Glen. I angled a bit right, must have crossed the small trail without seeing it. Hit the larger second trail, followed it down, brief pause to figure out which trail junction I was at. Glen hit the trail just in front of me, chased him in.
3. Back and forth with Glen - he was a bit right, over the small knoll and saw it.
4. Head out of 3 right of the line, but corrected in the broad reentrant. Glen crossed in front of me and headed a bit higher than I wanted to be. Saw what looked the end of a rock face near where I thought the control should be and an elephant path leading to it. Checked and it was right.
5. Up the hill, trying to appear as if I was still looking for the flag, for Glen's benefit, to the trail anglign up the hill. Took it to the top, brief challenge in the maze of trails near the top, but found the one with the stone wall on the left. Took it all the way to the larger trail, then cut off that by the stonewall and boulder. By the edge of the marsh and saw a flag by a rock in the middle of a patch of briars. Checked it and the code was wrong - time to figure out what I was looking for. Ah, rocking knoll N of the marsh, have to cross the trickle. Saw Ernst pop on the other side of the dip, he'd seen my check the code and not punch and headed back where he'd come from. I headed just N of hte rocky ground, saw the knoll and punched - Ernst was still on the other side of the thicket of pines.
6. Angle right to the trail, past the start and cut to the small trail beside the cliffs. Into the vague are, keeping a close eye on my compass - angled a bit right, planning to hit the open area and work in from there. Saw Bernie B ahead of me, then Ernst and Glen coming in from the left. Description was a rocky dot knoll, but only saw two boulders in the circle. OK - got to the center of the circle and look for something with a control on it. Saw the boulders, then the flag by a bit of bare rock.
7. Pack fanned out a bit through the thick stuff and I ended up a bit too far right. Corrected at the trail, but had to go over the shoulder of the knoll. Hmm, we're heading downhill and the controls at the base of a rock face - back in the pack and punched second.
8. Ernst was leading, I was second, followed by Glen, then Bernie. To the trail, left, right, right, left, right, punch and dog leg back.
F. Trying to keep up with Ernst and hold of Glen. Not completely successful at either, but glad to be done.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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