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Race Evaluation

US Two-day Classic O Championships: Day 2 Green X


1. off to the races: picked up stuff soon enuf, 95% in contact & when I turned right up reent, looking for the dep, it was there...vindicated for the few percent of being out of touch
2. st, read all - but grn at end confused a tad, control around corner, careful....!
3. +01:30off st, in grn looked at compass, was it 45 deg off?? WTF? stopped, used inherent SOD, re-rotated compass & cont'd cautiously - ok for awhile - Francis F overtook, hit hill/path then ok to S tip of final lg swamp and then maybe 250m of st but where...? finally, one big bldr in front of cliff revealed the secret & over the spur into control - not altogether there for reasons still pondering...
4. st, short
5. gen ok, read most but when came to lg cliffs mid-way, was to S & not to N as expected. Noted tr at that point, promptly departed fm its benes & made my way thru detail to marker
6. st, short
7. +00:30st, short but care to not overrun
8. ok, st & very, very careful fm hi pt after detected path - still, problem at pt as I thought it was a cliff bott & not 120 deg around knoll
9. +03:30down hill but allowed myself to lose contact - crash on to rd but way to L, spotted another control fm another course in reent - figured out, trodded on
10. +01:00should have been stfwd but managed to not pull it off, came to a rkface 90m west, figured it out but went to knoll & not readily apparent
11. st ok
12. ditto
13. +00:30too far to L, inexplicable - visited a control at tr jct for time wasting 'amusement'
F. skedaddle w/ what was left, rt ham stringing... yuk

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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