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Race Evaluation

US Team Fundraiser: M21 WRE


1. Hesitated for a moment looking for the triangle. Went straight. Not seeing a dot knoll, I wondered if it might be above the rootstock. Went above it, still didn't see a dot knoll, then saw that the flag was on the rootstock.
3. Somehow went significantly left, then clocked my knee on a steel stake that I didn't see. Yaaaugh! Blinded with pain, I then went further left, to where the paved roads get close together. Down the road, north of the building, up a reentrant, and in.
4. Had to wait a few seconds for a punch fumbler.
5. Stayed left, above the reentrants.
6. Big parallel error. Started fine, but went left of the form-line knoll, and looked in the reentrant to the west. When I admitted where I was, I peeked over the ridge, and the control was right in front of me -- on the other side of a canyon.
7. Why was this "pit" mapped, but not the other two, one of which was bigger than the control feature?
8. Not thinking, took a route that was too far to the right.
9. Reasonably straight, within the constraints of the contours.
12. Hesitated when I got close, because I couldn't see the ruins at first.
13. Only slightly right of the line.
14. Contoured.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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