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Race Evaluation

US Two-day Classic O Championships: Day 1 Blue


1. Bad compass work
Lacked concentration
Almost made a 90 degree error down the E trail, but caught myself and veered into the forest at a better angle. Almost stopped a bit short.
2. Bad compass work
Went too far to the right and had to climb back up a couple of contours.
3. Had problems running fast through the vegetation. I'm surprised that my time isn't better on this leg.
4. Did not follow plan
Did not check features en route
Underrated difficulty
Could not relocate
The big marsh didn't look as marshy as I had expected, and after I crossed it I was not sure exactly where I was. I didn't find it easy to relocate on the cliff clad spurs because there were several of them. I kept runnning on compass at a medium pace, and eventually realized I had just passed the pond next to 6. I read the map more carefully from here as I didn't want to lose contact again.
5. Did not plan ahead
Should have stayed to the left in order to use hill with boulders as attackpoint. Instead I went more straight and hesitated a bit.
6. Went below the cliffs and over the first spur. Climbed on top of the second spur and followed it in.
7. Bad distance judgement
Wanted to stay left on top of the cliffs. Hesitated when I came to the first cliff on the left.
8. Passed the lower cliffs on the left side, then cut back to the right.
9. Lacked confidence
Took the trail ontil it turned E, then headed for the marsh as a catching feature. Once I got to it it looked smaller than I had imagined, so at first I was wondering whether it was the smaller marsh to the W that I was at. This cost me a little bit of time because I hesitated.
10. Stayed right initially to avoid having to contour. Don't remember exactly what I did next.
11. Straight, making sure the hill was to my right.
12. Went on compass to the tip of the first marsh, then across the various small hills.
13. Lacked confidence
Around right to stay below the cliffs. It took longer than I had expected, and I stopped short a couple of times.
14. Straight, using the small marsh on the right as an attack point as I could see it from up on the side of the spur.
15. Slightly to the left to get around the last cliff.
16. Sprained my ankle pretty bad on the way out from 15. Decided to take the left route choice. Pretty easy navigation.
17. Considered avoiding the climb over the hilltop, but decided to push through and go straight.
18. +00:20This was not my favourite leg. After being coerced into the reentrant below the control, I found a good place to climb out of it and contour to the trail. Then I crossed the trail, heading down diagonally. I saw Erin down below and was gaining slowly but surely. At some point I hit a tree with my hand carrying my sunglasses, and after a few steps I realized one of the lenses had popped out. I ran back and it was lying on the ground next to the tree. It only took a few seconds to pop it back in and continue. I used the spur next to the S fork in the stream to guide me in. It had a huge unmapped cliff on it.
19. Straight down the hill, having big problems getting my spikes to stick to the rock faces that were covered with leaves.
20. Did not like map
Contoured, and started climbing a bit after what I thought was the last cliff. It turned out the hill was still further S, but I didn't climb very much too high.
21. Confused parallel features
Down to the trail an on until it turned left. Then I crossed the stream, but it turned out I was on the upper trail, which took me towards the paved road that was out of bounds. Turned towards the hilltop and went over it into the reentrant.
22. Contoured around the spur as I didn't feel like climbing up it just to run down on the other side.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:20

Split Analysis

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