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Race Evaluation

UNO Pawtuckaway Camping Weekend: Green, Day 2


1. Time approx as didn't start watch til #1. Stayed high after the road as marsh edge was slow yesterday.
2. Over the hilltop
3. Up the long form line re-entrant
4. Straight to south tip of first long marsh, north of the green marsh, then through the blue patches
5. North of the green marsh
6. on line through the marshes then down the north facing re-entrant
7. Just about on line the whole way
8. Past the three rocks on the east side of the trail
9. Northwest on the blue dots, then southwest in the dry but deep-leaved marsh below the cliffs. Then carefully reading features to and past the wall.
10. Stayed well east of Incredible Pond (my name for this fascinating place) and down the stream. Then just south of near my favorite Pawtuck boulder
11. South through the blue to a bit of trail, then past blue dot.
F. Almost east to bike trail, main trail, road, cutting through all the tents in the field. Same time as George who went straight! All-in-all a careful and accurate run; my first in a few years.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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