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Race Evaluation

OCIN FAST-O - Miami Univ Middletown: Course1


3. Ran down a lane towards control three. At three I find 3 Badin girls frantically running about the roadway and bridges 100 meters east of the actual control. They had not grasped the concept of similar features being in general proximity to each other. In this case multiple small bridges and culverts; all mapped. And had completely overlooked a major collecting feature in the form of a tennis court lying between them and the actual control feature: West side of bridge.
4. Bad route choice
Poorly planned the route. Unexpectedly hit a mapped fence. I barreled forward into the dark maze of vegetation, partly following an old foot trail, now barely a deer trace, partly looking for less dense areas of foliage that would allow my 5 foot 8 inches of tick attracting scaffolding to pass without removing an eye. I hoped the girls would remember to do what I say and not what I do. Suddenly I encounter a 4 inch square meshed fence. It was climbable but not my first choice. I glance at the map and see that there is an end far to the right. As I turn to avoid an unpleasant mistake I notice a gap. A small square section of the fence is missing from about 18 inches from the ground upward. I drop to all fours and scurry under, hoping to avoid being snagged while thinking unpleasant thoughts on my route choice.
6. Bad route choice
7. +00:05I physically have trouble getting into seven and back out; tripping up a bit on the muck, debris, and a small drop near the bag.
9. +00:20Climbed unnecessarily due to poor planning.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:35

Split Analysis

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