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Race Evaluation

Telemark US Champs Day 1: Blue


1. Noticed the missing trail junction without getting delayed by it.
2. On path and straight through the green.
3. +01:00Past 6 then veered to the left. Stopped and tried figuring out why I wasn't hitting another trail, but decided to continue. Arrived just at the junction by the big 'green' depression.
4. +16:00Very poor map reading. I think I was confused by the logging roads and various other controls and people. I veered to the left and hit the trail by the 'green' depression twice before I figured out what was going on.
5. +02:00Decided to have some GU. Confused by extra trail belowe the main one in the green below the control
6. +01:00Did not read contours well and zig-zagged a bit.
7. +01:00After all the previous mistakes I started being very cautious and careful.
8. On trail for most of it. Hit marsh at the corner of the green and knew where I was.
9. More or less straight. Not 100% where I was as I approached the control but I found the green.
10. Climbed too far to the left and came down through larger reentrant towards the path.
11. Straight - saw hunting tower on the way there. Confused by the unmapped green next to the small marsh, but decided it had to be it.
12. On faint trail.
13. Through the green on bike trail, right on the other side of the green. Straight from the second right turn.
14. +00:15Missed slightly to the left.
15. I made the dumb decision to run on the small windy trail instead of the big one. Not sure what got me into this.
16. Tried to stay high which was probably a bad idea. Finally dropped down and took the trail.
17. On road and cut down the hill to the right before the last cabin.

Total Time Lost - 00:21:15

Split Analysis

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