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Race Evaluation

Telemark US Champs Day 1: Blue


1. Horribly sick, and only able to go out because I was adequately dosed up. Good thing we don't have drug testing at these things. I was lying awake in bed most of the night, probably due to the sudafed, but that was compensated by the fact that I spent most of Friday unconscious in the passenger's seat of the rental car. Needless to say, this cut into my running speed substantially.
3. Saw Wyatt on his way to #6.
4. Passed by Mihai.
5. Sure seemed to take a long time, but I came out on the trail in the right place.
6. Passed by Mook.
7. Drifted right, and hit the trail/indistinct junction. Misread the trails, and headed up the indistinct one. When I hit the black X (derelict piece of trail grooming equipment), I realized where I was and went straight from there.
8. Straight the whole way. Paused for just a moment when I got to the marsh 100 m NE of the one the control was in.
10. Passed by Leif.
11. Drifted right, crossed the small trail, and then the larger trail at the small elliptical marsh SW of the first aid station. Up to the open marsh and in, arriving at the same time as Boris.
12. Didn't see the insistinct trail on the map at first, until Boris took it. Left the trail before it dropped unto the depression, and drifted a little bit right at the end. Momentarily confused by an unmapped boulder in the reentrant about 70 m E of the control.
13. Trail to the left to get through the green stuff, and somebody I didn't know showed up and was on my tail, but he didn't pass me. I probably should have cut left and taken the large trail until I was close to the control, but I didn't like having this guy behind me, so I tried going straight. Didn't take long to lose track of where I was, but I hit a trail and realized that I had drifted right again, and was about 150 SE of the control. No problem heading in from there, arriving close behing the guy I didn't know.
15. Small trail, right at junction on larger trail, and when I was at the trail wiggle just a little north of the control, I headed straight in eastward.
16. Contoured, but lost altitude, then followed jeep trail NE and kept going straight at bend.
17. Road all the way around the last building. Passed by Kenny.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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