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Race Evaluation

US Individual Championships: Red X - Day 1


1. Expecting a really hard course based on the model event. Started up the trail, past the hut and cut into the woods. I saw that the trail didn't meet the road and didn't want to risk running by it so I cut the corner.
2. Didn't take the dogleg back north since I hadn't come in that way. Went west to the round trail up the hill to the clearing and around the fence. The control was so easy I was confused. Stay focused, the hard stuff is coming.
3. +00:20Took the trails to the right. Cut into the woods to far along on trail and was on wrong hill side.
4. +00:30Start straight but was being forced right so went over to the right trail. To the southern trail junction. Cut in by the marsh. Went up the reentrant to the right and had to cut over to the correct reentrant.
5. West to the trail. Trail to the first junction. Over the edge of hill to depression.
6. North west to small trail. Smail trail north to larger trail. Larger trail to reentrant/depression. Cut over to green area and along edge to control.
7. Left around green. Caught animal trail that went to trail north of green. Straight to control.
8. Still looking for the hard controls. Went straight.
9. +02:00Went straight.
10. I don't like the edge of maps as I have a tendency to run off them. The result is that I avoid them. I missed the trail route to the west. DUMB! I cut north east to get to the 2nd trail with the minimum green. Unfortunately I missed and hit the trail way to far north. Went through the worst green longer than anticipated.
11. By the pond to small trail to big trail.
12. Straight along hill side and right along the marshes
13. +00:10Trail to the right. Not the correct trail choice. Hesitated at trail junctions.
14. +00:20Hesitated trying to decide what route to decide. Wasted all my time trying to decide.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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