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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander IX: Highlander


1. Came to map handout behind Peggy D and a gentleman with what sounded like a southern accent
2. Straight exchanging leads with my southern friend. Saw Victoria B off to our right near the marsh
3. To north of green and cliffs. I lost my southern friend and caught sight of Peggy going up the hill to the control
4. Past bare rock knoll hill and to south of line of cliffs into control
5. Stayed to the right of cliffs after reentrant. Saw Jeff Saeger and Peggy off and on during this leg.
6. Jeff went off to the right. Peggy and I went more or less straight. I chose the greener, straighter route arriving at the road about the same time and place as Peggy. I went pretty much straight up the cliff to the clearing on the top. I think Peggy chose a more reasonable route to the right. I came very near a couple camping, illegally I think prior to going west of the marsh and then to the formation of cliffs to the east of the control which lead me to the control.
7. Climbed hill to easier running on Jackie Jones Mountain. Went to right of building while watching Piers run to the right and run ahead of me. I followed him down the hill and saw Jeff heading out of the control. Piers punched quickly and was gone. I saw Mark Cornish and Tim Good come up behind me as I punched.
8. Went to the south of the green. Piers was well ahead but I made up time by him showing me the control location.
9. I crossed the road, told I was 18 minutes out of the lead. I knew that was going to change soon as I was getting tired. I walked the trail to past the green and then up. Lost track of myself and drifted to far left. I saw Piers but couldn't figure out whether he was leaving the control or going to it. I wandered for a bit until Peggy came along and found the control for me.
10. I ran through the campground smelling some nice sausage being cooked and then into the swamp parallel to Peggy. I followed her across the parking lot but didn't keep running. In retrospect I would have liked to go along the beach and cut off some distance. Went into the woods at the end of the parking lot and went to the wrong boulders up the hill before getting the right one down the hill.
11. Followed the streamers to the aid station. Peggy was there and left before I loaded up my camelback with accelerade. Mark and Tim arrive as I am about to leave.
12. I "run" the road to the clearing, climb the hill and contour around and come in from the corner of the stone fence. I didn't even see the trail option and in retrospect I wished I would have taken that route. I saw Mark and Tim back on the road. They look like they are going further on the road than I did.
13. Went up the spur and then down through the green to find the rocky path to the trail. Trail to the big boulders. I briefly see Pavlina ahead of me on the trail. Bash through some green to find the control.
14. Straight more or less.
15. Straight looking for features along the way but near the control I got very confused and couldn't make sense of where I was. Then I look around and the control was about 2o meters away. My lucky break!
16. Straight, don't see anyone
17. To the left of the green near the end.
18. Straight to south of marshes. I saw Charlie, John and Kevin (CHK) approaching quickly from behind.
19. Went as fast as I could to stay ahead of CHK going straight. Found the control without much of a problem.
20. To north of marsh and then south of cliffs then up and over hill
21. Fell after about 20 meters which prompted a nasty hamstring cramp. Had to stop for a couple of minutes and then straight.
22. I planned to stay south of the big marsh but got confused and found myself in sight of the road and also being passed by CHK. Eventually went to the road and followed the train up the hill into control.
23. I thought the CHK group was going to high and so I stayed low. I think I was concentrating on them too much and overshot control anyway. Eventually found control.
24. Fell leaving control, just about tearing down the streamers. Was down the hill before I realized my glasses fell off. Luckily I found them near where I fell.
25. Followed the CHK train across road. Wandered around the odd contours until eventually relocating off of corner of fence and finding the control before everyone else.
26. Field and then along stone wall to control. Ahead of the pack.
27. Ran to water stop and reloaded the camelback and had some GU. CHK pack came up behind me. Saw Will there having finished. While on way to map handout I thought I lost my map for a second. My brain was getting tired.
28. Didn't take too long to decide to run the trail along the lake. I didn't do too much running but was alone for a while. I thought that CHK must have picked a different route and I checked the map to see if I missed something but then they caught up to me just before leaving main trail. Stayed on trail longer than CHK but crossed paths above the big cliffs. They went right I went left and was able to get ahead of them going into the control.
29. I more or less followed Piers into the control. He looked exhausted and said so. I left him at the control and was down the hill before CHK came into the control.
30. I found the line of cliffs but went too far north. From the top of the cliffs I could see streamers so I picked my way down to not find a control nearby. The streamers said HH 04 and looked similar to ones at other control sites so I was a little confused and wandered around until I saw Piers heading into the control to the south of where I was looking. CHK were in the area but maybe didn't see us punch as we left them there. I didn's see them anymore.
31. Followed Piers onto trail, around some beautiful cliffs and into the narrow marsh area off the trail. He headed too far to the right for my liking and I came upon the control quickly. I didn't see Piers after that.
32. I intended to go up and find the trail but went further north and headed down the reentrant to the trail near the power line. I see now that I was almost off of the map. I followed the trail to past Parker Swamp and followed the trickle up to the control. I tried using the broken punch and got some semblance of a punch into the wrong box. Oh well.
33. I went east to the trail. Jim Eagleton found a way under the powerline for me and I passed him before we hit the road. I thought he would be able to pass me on the road as I was moving pretty slow but I never saw him after that. I passed Phil Bricker in the clearing off the road. I found enough energy to go almost straight up the hill and into the control.
34. Left of the powerline to road then across parking lot.
F. Hobble to the finish. Thanks Paul, HVO and all the helpers for a wonderful event.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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