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Race Evaluation

Inaugural Maine & the Maritimes Championship: Red


1. 2 1/2 weeks after laparscopic abdominal surgery, probably shouldn't have run, but what the heck...
2. headed out WNW, iver ridge, dropped low, saw blue (?) control by boulder and up into mine
3. +03:30As I crossed the stream about halfway, ignored my compass completely and headed west onto the knoll, saw river and turned back. Figured out which nose to head up, through the green (wasn't too bad)
4. Pucnhed in rigth after Samantha Saeger, she was 4 mintues after me
5. left of the line, into field and N of the wooded area, within a few seconds of Samantha
6. Passed by Bernard Breton, who started 2 min in front of me, so someone else is having problems also!!
7. +04:00brain cramp, drifted left, then veered further left a few meters short of seeing the control, wandered up to road NE of control , relocated and in
9. +12:30Up and over on the line, dropped into the reentrant, got confused, took the wrong reentrant and headed up, found a spur that looked correct to the left of the reentrant, but no small reentrant past it, wandered a bit, found a trail not on the map that took me back down into the reentrant where I started, did it right the 2d time
13. SW to the first trail, S on the spur, dropped into the reentrant and over the tip of the next spur, went in from the small marsh
14. +00:20Up to the trail, dropped off to the right 50 M past the trail on the right, follow the fence to the clearing, was 1 reentrant over, corrected quickly
15. getting more tired, really dragging
16. slow jog/walk in

Total Time Lost - 00:20:20

Split Analysis

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