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Race Evaluation

Inaugural Maine & the Maritimes Championship: Red


2. +01:00Attacked from stone wall bend but went down spur southwest of one I wanted: no boulders in reentrant. Saw Nadim even farther left. Went back to stone wall and corrected.
3. +01:00Marsh, then stayed low along stream beds, but turned up a bit early and a lot of hesitation.
5. On line to trail, then attacked from bulge in open area.
6. 20 second stop for water en route. Ran with Ross across open area, but then he took off in a different direction.
7. +00:30Went a bit past on the left and had to climb back up.
9. +02:00Took trail to open area, got confused (briefly looking at 10 instead of 9) and started going around fence to the right. When I realized my mistake, I kept going around, then through the middle past the building and in.
13. +01:00Drifted right of line and hit the bend in the river NW of the one I wanted. So I checked out the NW reentrant first, then popped over to the right one.
14. +05:00Trail, then forked right to open area, but unsure where I was when I attacked. I read the barbed wire fence symbol as a stone wall, and went right over the low barbed wire fence thinking it was unmapped (really stupid) and went way SW of circle. Went to the field to the N to relocate, and then went right to it.
16. +01:00Went straight NW to field and had to cross barbed wire fence twice: these weren't (easily) crossable (narrow slits), and lost at least 30 seconds on each one.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:30

Split Analysis

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